This politically sharp poetry offers a direct look at President Bush, questioning his actions and policy concerning issues such as the war in Iraq, treatment of Hurricane Katrina, and the questionable election, among others. Burnham organizes the six-part collection in reverse chronological order, dealing with various aspects of the Bush regime.

About the book

The book unfolds along a timeline of political and personal events running, as Burnham puts it, from a golden past where the nation possessed a federal surplus, was at peace, and was looking hopefully into the new century where the candidate with the most real votes would of course become President to the present day. Humorous chapter titles such He Wouldn't Lie to the People and Very Clean Politics include poems on a wide variety of subjects generally written in free verse. Highly satirical and anything but subtle, Burnham details the injustices of the presidency and its negative effects on the country. He also discusses the roles of White House officials Bill Bennett, George Tenet, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and several other powerful political figures. Burnham does not discriminate in his commentary and fearlessly takes on controversial topics. While this collection is highly critical of the Bush presidency and his policies, readers with diverse political opinions will find gems of humor and irony throughout the work. Burnham uses a unique approach to relay his message, and it is one well worth serious consideration no matter what end of the political spectrum you lie on.