A reading by the poet

Flatlanders presumably live in a world of their own
but they do need others of their own persuasion
protecting their special version of world truths
which is perfect, harmless, but challenged, causing them pain.

For there's no doctrine, no teaching, except those replete with error
(see for yourself, your own twisted path, and mine);
once the exalted imposed their absolute truth:
time was when only Flatlanders could go to heaven
and any other opinion could fetch you a burning.

Happily, Flatlanders are not any longer the Chosen,
and they can urge their truths using common sense -
for anyone can see the world is flat -
and we live in our obviously flat world most of the time.

Flatlanders cajole the stubborn contrariwise
who imagine they live on a giant gyrating marble
and never fall off - gosh - Science is Inscrutable -
and even Confucius cons and confutes and confuses -

but it's nicer here on this open side of the argument.

From A Peck O' Poems for the 99%
by JK Burnham