Time Capsule

There is a crucial instant in the affairs of men
which, caught at its peak, discloses
the essence of all that is to come
a time capsule
that brings the full truth into focus: 

like the dire wolves sucked into the California tar pits,
lured in by a trembling antelope
earlier trapped, and sinking slowly, terrified,
and then all sinking together
and all their fierce cross-purposes placed on permanent hold
like a living diorama of fate
hunters and hunted doomed, alike, together –
reappearing in a different time, another reality. 

Like Bush trapped in his topgun pilots togs
at his supreme moment, proclaiming triumphantly
his mission accomplished
when his destruction of Iraq was yet barely begun
and its ultimate million deaths still unsuspected
and the civil and moral defilement not yet up to speed,
when hope still lingered, for what was not to be:
there is his moment, frozen in time, forevermore.

By JK Burnham