Bachelor  -       Her wild allure- eight lovely legs –
                        with all her eyes watching you –
                        and you sense her message –

Ottogam  -       What of thy sex?
                        Art thou a full-grown spider too?

Bachelor  -      So suddenly your bachelor haunts
                       lose their appeal; your point of view
                       switches; incensed, you feel the taunts:
                       sure I can; I will give life anew.

                       True, there are risks.  Our wisdom wanders
                       -   do I misjudge her? - could I be wrong?
                       the more you hesitate, and ponder
                       if to chance your future for a song.

                      Then again, you think – only the brave
                      deserve the pheromone, this way.
                      Who flee this challenge are the craven,
                      but they come back another day
                      in vain to yearn for that temptation…

                      My time is here!  My lust inspires:
                      I shall achieve my consummation…
                      Now!  Now – consumed!

Historian -     Not by the fires
                      of passion, but in the intimate
                      embraces of this quite charming witch:
                      loving the very mate she ate
                      in their tete-a-tete whilst they conjugate,
                      so each does serve their fondest wish.
                      Now sated in every way, at rest
                      she lulls her efficient anatomy
                      drawing those legs inside her nest
                      and justifies the fait accompli:

Ottogan -       All slay, to live.  I too.  I slyly tricked him!
                      Who else is half so generous with their victim?

Historian  -     Thus she who dared out-spin a goddess
                       now lures with mysteries in her bodice.

From The Long Shadow of the Bush
By JK Burnham