“Henry!  What in the world are you doing in here?”
Ralph Waldo said, flustered, in his fine clothes,
To Thoreau proudly in jail, on principle;
Henry said, “Ralph, and what are you doing out there?” 

And in this sorry farce of Rove’s tracks
one shining principled jailbird shames them all;
the shadows of those clanging bars fall outward
on those unfettered; and she alone is free. 

And what indeed are they doing, outside!
Our meritorious leaders are keeping busy
bringing destruction and shame and war and hate
though trusted to defend our country’s pride.

One token sacrifice, one citizen
Can call us to our senses, if we will:
Let no more falsehood fool us;

                        Impeach their rule
of harm abroad to cover crime at home.


From The Long Shadow of the Bush
By JK Burnham