Gift Eternal
A reading by the poet.

When we today look back across our people’s history
we view, in shock, the grand conquests, the lies, the slaughter;
and we, happy inheritors, jealous beneficiaries,
we deprecate those heroes’ stern ways, we give back nothing.

And those who so well provided for us, with fire and sword,
might well despise our qualms for all they won and took,
they would judge us stupid for our pointless wars, lost,
and witless:  getting robbed blind, by our own leaders, sweetly,

See how, through killing off prior peoples, our brazen forebears
endowed us with a treasure, with its fatal curse inherent
so we are smitten to war always, even against ourselves
idiot-like, loving war, even to our own death, zombies.

So they provided us endless wealth to have and hold
and in lockstep we devote it to the cause of – death.

From A Peck O' Poems for the 99%
By JK Burnham