These poems are meant for the eyes of the 99% only and not 1% more. That 1%, “so much was theirs, who so little allowed,” to quote Browning, have their own seers and foxy tv channels to manufacture their customized realities. Keep this book to yourself, let them eat cake.
- JK Burnham


Witness herein the secret minds of the Great. You will find Napoleon, dreaming of glory in gore and of freedom only attainable in his absence. Stumble upon Mitt, who, while seeking glory in loot, outsourced his soul and offshored his chances for the Presidency. Beware Flatlanders seeking truth in delusion. Listen to moluscan wisdom teaching us their evolution and lamentable regression to their present state – not sustainable, by the way. Recoil from Gnats which lighten our bloody reserves and get a second glimpse of the Mitt, unwashed.


(From Bookshop Santa Cruz)
These poems are a striking reflection of our collective psyche as we and our society face a range of issues, some still to be resolved, some resolved but not done; some are clearly conflicts of interest that require accommodation - but only by willing parties - there are matters of basic principle we cannot disregard.